Friday, November 28, 2008

The Art Lesson

This painting started off as an art lesson for my son. I was trying to teach him how to draw a portrait in charcoal. We snagged a picture of Barack Obama off his website (my kids have been asking me to paint Obama since the election), and sat down with our materials. We started by taking a few measurements to accurately place the eyes. He got one eye finished before he got frustrated. “Measuring is boring,” he complained. How could I argue with that? Measuring is boring. He decided he’d rather have an imperfect portrait than have to measure. He finished his drawing, laughed at how goofy it looked, and left.

I didn’t really want to measure anymore either, so I decided to finish my drawing off in pastel. I thought it would be fun to do it loose and scribbly, and tried hard not to blend. I generally spend quite a bit of time standing 6-8 feet away from my paintings to check the values against the reference photo, which helps me with accuracy. No measuring involved, just eyeballs. It may not be perfect, but it was fun. Maybe next time I’ll try to teach him that.

Pastel on Paper
I’ve entered this painting into EBSQ’s Campaign Art show. Check it out!


Robin Maria Pedrero said...

I feel you have captured an essence of his spirit. I think it is a fabulous portrait Kari!

Kari Tirrell said...

Thanks, Robin!

Vern Schwarz said...

I'd like to sign up for those art lessons Kari. You sure know what you're doing. Mr. Obama never looked so good.

Kari Tirrell said...

Thanks, Vern! I'll have to work on my teaching technique.;)

Edward Burton said...

EXCELLENT portrait of our next president. You really captured his spirit.

Kari Tirrell said...

Thank you, Edward!