Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pastel Painting with WIP Pics

This is a painting based on a photograph I took in Venice, Italy.   I loved Venice - it was a visual feast!  I was fascinated by the very common scene of laundry hanging out on lines in Venice.  It's just not something I ever see where I live.  

It was sunny and beautiful when we were there, and I loved the shadow patterns the laundry made on the walls of the buildings.  I enjoyed this particular spot because of all the intersecting laundry lines connecting the colorful buildings, the light on the clothing and, of course, the shadows.  All of that against the bright blue sky made me want to paint it.

I'm posting some WIP pics in case you're interested in seeing the process.

And the finished painting again:

"Laundry Day, Venice"
19" x 25"
Soft Pastel on La Carte