Friday, December 31, 2010

My Latest Commission and Happy New Year!

This last day of 2010, I’d like to thank all of you who have followed my blog and supported me and my work throughout the year.  I appreciate you more than you can possibly know.  
Since Christmas has passed, I can now share a painting which was commissioned for a Christmas gift.  This is a little Westie named Morgan.  He’s an old dog (14, if I remember correctly) and I had the opportunity to meet him once during the painting process.  I hope I was able to capture his sweet personality in his portrait.
White dogs are challenging to paint, particularly when they have long, wavy fur.  Despite this challenge, I really enjoyed painting Morgan.  I absolutely loved his over-the-shoulder pose.  I chose a square format, which I thought complimented the pose, and made it slightly larger than life to make it more contemporary.  I was very pleased with the results!

15 x 15”
Soft Pastel on Suede Matboard
I wish all of you good health, happiness, and prosperity in 2011!