Monday, April 6, 2009

Twice Tapped

I’ve been given the “Passion for Painting” award by two of my online artist friends, James Parker and Edward Burton. I am supposed to list seven things that I love, and then pass the award on to seven other artists.

The seven things I love are:
  1. My family
  2. My friends
  3. Painting
  4. Sitting on my deck in the summer with wine and good friends, or a good book
  5. Being able to watch hummingbirds, bald eagles, the occasional deer, or even seals while I do the dishes or lounge on the deck
  6. The sound of my kids laughing
  7. The smell of the air in summer, when the sun heats up the pines

Here are seven very talented artists whose work I particularly enjoy:

Jennifer McChristian
Jason DeGraaf
Alvin Richard
Nathan Fowkes
Todd Ford
Justin Taylor
Edward B. Gordon

Thank you, James & Edward!


Edward Burton said...

You're welcome, Kari. You have a WONDERFUL list of loves - WOW, sounds like you live in a very beautiful setting!

Kari Tirrell said...

Thanks, Edward! Yeah, I'm very lucky - we live in a beautiful place.

Edward B. Gordon said...

thank you so much !!!

Kari Tirrell said...

Your work is awesome, Edward! And you are impressively prolific. I enjoy your blog!