Thursday, May 21, 2009

New York Street

I painted this picture for the Different Strokes blog. Even though I had three weeks, I waited until the last day to paint this and got it in just under the wire. It’s not that I was procrastinating, I’ve just been really busy. Okay, I was procrastinating. I hate painting buildings. And I actually have been very busy, so it was easy to put off. It was just as well that I waited until the last day, because I didn’t have time to overwork it.


7" x 5"
Soft Pastel on Suede Matboard


Glenda Mosher said...

This is so well done! I could totally related to your procrastination - I was dreading painting this scene and waited until Wed to paint. I found once I started I couldn't stop. So glad you persevered.

Ann Rogers said...

Wonderful pastel and an interesting "flip" on the photograph.

r garriott said...

You did this in one day? I'm stunned and amazed. Very nice... and I like the flipped view, too.

L.Holm said...

Kari, it's beautiful! You are amazing.

Sheila said...

Awesome! I am still trying to get over the 'one day' thing though

laurens.paint.palette said...

Beautimous! I love it - I'm not quite sure how you are not liking painting buildings though - you do a super job!!

dominique eichi said...

very nice piece.
It's so funny how we think it's the wrong side just because were use to it from the other side but it's great also.
I love your use of pastel

Kari Tirrell said...

Thanks Glenda & Ann!

Thanks R - It took ALL day, though. Forgot to eat lunch, didn't get laundry done, dinner was late, etc. I ignored all my usual distractions. Makes me think about how productive I could be if I did that on a regular basis. :)

Thanks Liz & Sheila!

Thanks Lauren - Buildings are too confusing with all the windows and then having to worry about perspective - yuck! They just aren't my thing. But thank you. :)

Thanks, Dominique - it seemed like the right side to me. ;)