Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Color My World 2

Here is the second painting of my "Color My World" series in The Still Life show at the Elliott Fouts Gallery.  The show opens October 6, 2012.  Along with my work, there will be excellent paintings by Alvin Richard, Teresa Fischer, Christopher Stott, and more.  If you're within driving distance to Sacramento, you won't want to miss it!  If you can't get there in person, check Elliott Fouts Gallery's web site for pics of the show.

"Color My World 2"
Soft Pastel

For information regarding this painting, please contact Elliott Fouts Gallery, (916) 736-1429.

"The Still Life"
October 6 - November 1, 2012
Elliott Fouts Gallery
1831 P Street
Sacramento, CA  95811

Elliott Fouts Gallery Web Site
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Happy Little Trees Studio said...

Beautiful as always!

Kari Tirrell said...

Thank you, Kimberly! I appreciate it. :)

Jessica said...

Very nice :)

Kari Tirrell said...

Thank you, Jessica!